Generic Adventure Setting 1

Adventure 8

Turning the crazy up to eleven.

Lost Beyond the Sea of Stars: Hope Fades Under an Alien Sky

At the whims of a mad demigod our plucky heroes are stranded on an alien world! Now a normal group of young adventures would surely have buckled under the knowledge that they been cast beyond the edges of space it’s self, but not this group! No sir! They soldiered on and quickly found themselves in a village of blue skinned humanoids with the habit of wearing white trousers and floppy white knit caps. The Blue Folk claimed to have been set upon by wicked Giants who live in the next town over, and that the Giants had made off with their most holy relic, a key that seals away the Universal Fulcrum! The Blue Folk’s religious leader; High Father, tasked our heroes with returning the key and slaying the evil Giants. Our group readily accepted this task, the promise finding a way to access an artifact of any sort of power proving to be quite appealing.

As is usual with this group only a short time passed before attempts at larceny were committed, and as usual horrible secrets were reveal! The Blue Folk were actually bloody handed murderers, who were keeping the slain corpses of the Giants’ children in their secret temple! The group pressed onwards, and soon found themselves inside the village of the Giants; a pastoral land of love and peace, where they learned that the key to the Universal Fulcrum lies within a tower of doom known as the Crying Fortress. Never knowing when it is a good idea to stop our group moved with great haste to that edifice of terror!

Inside this terrifying structure Manjo Drogo once again proved to be suicidally unwise and dove into a large decorative pool on the first floor where he was set upon by a swarm of zombified horrors. A savage battle followed and young Manjo was laid low by the blades of his undead foes. Shocked by the demise of their tiny insane ally the surviving Piranhas collected his remains and traveled back to the Giants. A large sum of money was paid and the leader of the pacifistic titans started a forbidden ritual of resurrection on the shattered body of Manjo.

While their friend was being summoned back from that shadowy land beyond the remaining pair: Rube (The Lizard King) and Thorfin Twiddlewinks, returned to that tower of dread to exact revenge upon the ones that slew their true friend (or they were looking for loot, who can tell). They quickly found themselves within the bed chamber of Dwemo Eske Master of Illusions! They learned of his back story, drank some booze with him, and through the use of lies and trickeration successfully poisoned (they transformed him into a tree) the man who was once known as The Second God.

Upon returning to the Giants’ village our heroes found the foul ritual or rebirth in it’s final terrible moments. Manjo’s body rose, it tore the rotten flesh from it’s coppery metallic bones and let out a horrifying shriek! Manjo is no more, he has returned as a truer more perfect version known as Nyog Thul kreen!

The newly formed team returned to the Blue Folk village and after some convincing lies traveled to the Temple of The First God with High Father in tow. After a fight with the surprisingly tough High Father and his ninjas our plucky crew journeyed within the great structure where their might and mettle were tested. After passing these tests they found the Universal Fulcrum clenched in the hands of a statue of Manjo Drogo and a series of dimensional portals; the reborn Nyog Thul kreen proved to be just as unwise as his predecessor jumping into a portal that seemed to be linked to a starry void, pulling his friends along for the ride.



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